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Right to Build

The market has changed in England for those wishing to build their own homes. New legislation called Right to Build grants a right to all qualifying citizens in England to register their desire to buy a serviced plot with a view to building or commissioning their own home.

Every council in England must now keep a register of demand for self and custom build and local planning authorities need to grant sufficient planning permission to provide plots to meet level of demand on that register within 3 years.

The government is serious about making it easier for all of us to build our own homes.  Its objective is to ensure that self and custom build accounts for around 30% of new housing in England - and hopefully the UK!

Right to Build will dramatically increase the likelihood of your receiving enquiries for self and custom build because finding a plot on which to build – traditionally the biggest stumbling block for would-be homebuilders - just got easier.

We are now seeing multiple sites being brought forward with fully serviced plots for self and custom build.  These sites range from 6 plots right up to the largest with 1900 plots.   BuildLoan can help you embrace this new opportunity and turn it into a useful income stream.

Pretty soon, you could experience an increase in enquiries from clients who are looking to purchase a single plot on a multiple site for custom build.  You may also have developer or homebuilder clients coming to you seeking advice or looking for you to arrange the mortgages for the customers on a site in your local area.  BuildLoan can expertly guide you with all sorts of enquiries for custom build.