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Designed for Custom Build

A custom build home is built on a site that has been divided into multiple plots.  The plots come fully serviced and ready to build on speeding up construction times and decreasing costs.  Each plot usually has:-

  • Planning permission for design and build
  • All utilities and infrastructure in place (unlike traditional self build plots)

Depending on your client's build option there may be between three - six stage payments or only two at the purchase of the land and completion of the build.

There are different types of custom build

Enabled Custom Build Developer Led Custom Build Turn Key Custom Build
The customer buys a serviced plot and builds the home themselves. The customer buys a serviced plot and has the home built to shell or completely for them but they have plenty of say in the design and what's built by the developer. The customer buys a serviced plot,  has some choice in the design of their home or a choice of and it's built for them to an agreed price and timescale.

We have a range of exclusive products developed to suit the specific needs of custom builders, offering higher lending percentages, competitive rates and a choice of arrears or advance stage payments.

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