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Competitive Solutions

If you have clients looking to build a property or multiple properties, to sell or let they will require property development finance rather than a mortgage.   Our award-winning short term funding team will provide you with 1-2-1 support and obtain the very best deal for your property developer clients.

Our reputation in the industry precedes us and that's the reason lenders are happy to invest and create special products, exclusively for BuildLoan, with preferential rates.   We are also on the premier panels of the leading lenders so you can be sure our experts will secure a competitive deal for your client.

"I have placed business with BuildLoan for many years and I can usually get better deals going through BuildLoan as opposed to the lenders directly".

When we take a case to a lender, they know that if we've agreed to work with a broker, their client's project will work because of the research we've undertaken.

We will look at all project types from simple new builds right through to converting water towers, mixed commercial and residential developments.   No project is too small or too large, both on the physical size of the build, or the loan amount itself.

Our personal 1-2-1 service allows us to have a hands-on approach with brokers, with lenders, solicitors and valuers. We can offer insurances, warranties, advice on exit strategies, as well as guidance for the broker and therefore client through the whole process.   This engagement means that we can ensure everything works well from start to finish.

"With BuildLoan you know that you are speaking to the experts with such a wealth of experience when it comes to specialist finance."

BuildLoan is not simply a transactional packager.  We build relationships with our brokers and lenders to give them the best quality service possible, which is why people come back to us time and again. We work in a fair and balanced manner and help brokers stay with the scheme so that you can put your exit strategy in place.