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Case Studies


After approaching Skipton Building Society, Claire learned that the property in its current state was not quite suitable for a residential mortgage and was actually classed as a Self Build. As Saxon Financial Advice is part of the PMS network, Claire approached the network for advice on where best to place the business and they recommended that Claire speak with BuildLoan. 

Acting on the advice given, Claire called our Broker Desk and spoke with our experienced Consultant Angela Nimmo, who she found to be “very helpful & informative”. As Claire was not overly familiar with the self build lending market, Angela was able to talk her through the process and recommend the most suitable product for her clients.

Claire found the forms and guides provided by Angela really helpful in terms of asking the right questions and simplifying the mortgage application process. 

“The SBQ was helpful in guiding both myself and my clients in where we were going with the mortgage application. The costing form was also great as it simplified the cost of the project into the key stages.”

“I sent the BuildLoan Client Guide to my clients as it was really useful in explaining the mortgage process in terms of what to expect. Self Build Finance is a complex area and this document really simplified this!”

Our stage release service really stood out to Claire as she found our team very “assuring and reliable”.

“The stage release team were brilliant! They provide great service to both brokers & clients and have quick turnaround times for each stage release of mortgage funds.”

Claire would definitely place future business with BuildLoan and recommend ourselves to her colleagues.  Overall, she liked how she had one port of call throughout the application who understood the application fully – “It’s a real personal touch”.

After some research, Phil approached his mortgage network who recommended BuildLoan where he spoke with Angela Nimmo, one of our most experienced Broker Desk Consultants.

“Once I spoke with Angela I understood that the case wouldn’t necessarily fit the criteria of all mortgage products and so it was best place through BuildLoan to source the right product.”

Phil was really happy with the initial guidance he was given and the recommended mortgage product. The application somewhat delayed due to some issues with the lender criteria though all was overcome and the mortgage completed.

“Once the mortgage funds were released, I was passed on to the Stage Release Team who couldn’t have been any better – they have been fantastic to deal with!”

The client’s used our Costing Service, Site Insurance & Structural Warranty and Phil noted that “It was really useful to have these resources all under one roof!”

Phil would place further business with BuildLoan and would recommend our services to other brokers due to our expertise, guidance, extra services and stage release team.

   Michael Craggs - Craggs Financial Services

Michael’s clients Paul & Linda Hutcheon were looking for a mortgage to fund their first self build project in Sunderland. As this area of finance was not Michael’s area of expertise he approached his mortgage network and they recommend he call BuildLoan.

Being his first self build case, Michael was looking for some real guidance from the experts and was very happy with how his enquiry was handled by our Broker Desk Consultant, Colin Telford.

Michael and his client’s were happy with the mortgage product that was recommended as it suited the client’s financial circumstances and project. The guides and documentation given to Michael by ourselves were very well received – in particular the Self Build Questionnaire & Client Guide.

As the mortgage enquiry progressed through to the application process, Michael was very happy with the service provided - “The processing team were very helpful & efficient. My client and I were kept well informed of the progress of the application with the lender”.

The range of support services were very useful for Michael, in particular the costing service, site insurance and structural warranty. This really gave him and his client’s piece of mind knowing that BuildLoan were the real experts in this area of finance and had the associated services to ensure their project would be adequately protected.

Overall, Michael felt that his workload as a broker was reduced by using BuildLoan and would say that “All staff were patient and helped us understand the process very well”.

Michael would definitely place further business with BuildLoan and recommend our services to other brokers and colleagues.

   Jane Sutton - Top House Mortgage Solutions Ltd

Jane received a self build mortgage enquiry which was something she had dealt with before and was familiar with. The case was originally placed with Halifax by Jane and it reached mortgage offer stage. The offer was withdrawn after a standard search revealed that a distant relative of the applicants owned the property next door to the plot and this didn't fit with the Halifax lending criteria.

After the disappointment of the offer withdrawal, Jane approached her mortgage network, The Mortgage Alliance and they recommended BuildLoan.

Jane was very happy and reassured with how her initial enquiry was handled by our broker desk and the guidance received. Our Self Build Questionnaire, Intermediary & Client guides were particularly helpful and Jane was pleased that the right mortgage product was recommended for her client.

"The service my client and I received throughout the mortgage application from the broker desk and processing team was very efficient! We were kept well informed of the progress of the application throughout."

Using BuildLoan, Jane had the peace of mind knowing that her business was in the hands of the self build experts, especially after her experience with Halifax.

"I would definitely place future business with BuildLoan and recommend us to her colleagues and other brokers."