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Bridging Uses

If your clients require funds quickly on a short term basis, we can help.  BuildLoan can arrange fast, competitive bridging finance to suit their individual circumstances.  Bridging loans can be used in a wide range of scenarios.

Property Auction

When the hammer falls, your clients will be required to pay a 10% deposit straight away and complete the purchase with the balance of funds – usually within 28 days. If they fail to complete within the 28 day time period, they may lose their deposit or be charged default fees so we can deliver to these time scales.

Chain Break

If your client is involved in a property chain that falls through, we can secure fast funding, saving the chain from collapse and enabling them to progress with the purchase of their new property.

Property Refurbishments

Many mortgage products are not suitable for properties which require refurbishment or are deemed inhabitable (no bathroom or kitchen). We can offer bridging finance to solve this problem. On completion of the work, the loan can be repaid either by selling the property or refinancing.

Fast property purchase

Many landlords and investors are now turning to short-term finance as a means to turn around transactions quickly. We can secure bridging loans in a matter of days, allowing purchasers to act quickly when searching for a suitable property.

Land without planning

If a plot of land has been placed for sale and your clients would like to build on the land for investment purposes or personal use, we can secure a bridging loan to purchase the land before getting planning permission

Buy to Lets

We can help bridge against buy to lets if your clients are looking to expand their property portfolio, or their chosen property is not yet rentable in its current condition.


If you have older clients looking to downsize and they've found the perfect property, they don't need to wait to sell their current home. With a bridging loan, they can use their equity to buy before the sale of their existing property.

Capital Raise

Using your clients' existing land or main residence as security, we can raise capital for almost any loan purpose within a short period of time - to suit your clients' timescales.

We can bridge on all property types, whether it's a house of multiple occupancy or student lets, our support and expertise can provide necessary funding quickly.


If your client is looking to secure commercial investment property in a hurry, we can quickly arrange a fast, competitive deal to suit their requirements.

Refinance Bridging

We can arrange a bridging loan in order to refinance your client’s existing bridge loan.