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Whereas sourcing a mortgage for a client buying a house is generally quick, straightforward and typically rate driven, for someone wishing to build or renovate their own home - cashflow and a well-managed budget are the vital ingredients for a smooth project.

Unfortunately, sourcing systems offer nothing more than a tick box for self build. Where do you go next? Lowest rate or criteria, building system or cashflow requirements? A great rate is of little consequence, if the funds aren’t available when your client needs them to pay their bills at each stage of their project. Whose fault will it be when the project grinds to a halt with people to pay and the next release isn’t due?

Recommending the right mortgage for your self build & renovation clients is easier with BuildLoan. With 100% focus on this specialist market, BuildLoan is uniquely placed to help you offer best advice and operate efficiently.

When you receive an enquiry, a member of the BuildLoan Broker Desk will discuss your enquiry with you in full answering all of the questions you and your clients may have.

We’ll give you the necessary tools to properly assess your client’s case.

If it sounds as though your case will fit with our lenders, the first step is to send you our Self Build Questionnaire (SBQ) for completion with your client. This comes with notes to enable you to confidently prompt your clients with answers as required. You can complete this over the phone with your clients in around 30 minutes. Then, our team of experts will thoroughly and quickly review your client's case, and help you determine which lenders are best suited to their project requirements and circumstances from the BuildLoan panel of lenders.

Using BuildLoan, you can confidently solve many of the common issues faced by your self build and renovation clients, while enjoying a level of support not available elsewhere from the UK’s most experienced advisers.